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Fix Yoast SEO Sitemaps Broken

Many people who use Yoast SEO on their WordPress web sites may not have even noticed that in recent months their sitemaps are no longer working. I mean how would you know? Well if you use Google Webmaster Tools or Bing Webmaster Tools you may have noticed that every single web site you run is […]

Yoast SEO 1.4.10 – FIX for Broken XML Sitemaps – Incorrect Date Format – (class-sitemaps.php)

I love Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin and have been using it for quite some time. In the last few days however a new version was released which made some changes to the Sitemap’s functionality of Yoast SEO, on feature was that they added a toggle to disable the author sitemap. UNFORTUNATELY their latest changes to […]

Optimizing Linux / Apache for WordPress | Memcached, mod_pagespeed, expires headers, mod_deflate gzip

Following on from my previous article about why NOT to use W3 Total Cache, as promised here is what I did to turn my Ubuntu and Debian servers running apache Web Server into a highly optimised beast for serving WordPress blogs and pages. As stated in my previous article, if you are stuck hosting your […]

W3 Total Cache for WordPress and Why NOT to use it


W3 Total Cache for WordPress and Why NOT to use it. After spending extensive time researching ways of speeding up my various WordPress blogs I put the W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress into use on a number of blogs. W3 Total Cache is filled with settings of all sorts and is quite an advanced […]

CORRECTLY Install littleutils and CW Image Optimizer for WordPress on Ubuntu


CORRECTLY Install littleutils and CW Image Optimizer or EWWW Image Optimizer After using a plugin called for WordPress to optimize and crunch uploaded images I ran into a number of issues. This guide is about how to CORRECTLY Install littleutils and CW Image Optimizer for WordPress and never look back again. The same fix […]

Display a code / plain text block in a wordpress article

Sometimes when writing a wordpress article it is nice to be able to display a line or multiple lines of code that are formatted like plain text instead of formatted like the rest of your page. The easiest way and the way we do it here at is to simply switch to html view […]

Hide post META from a wordpress content article

The default for most wordpress templates is that it displays Post Date, Post Author and Comments under each post. This can of course be completely hidden and very easily using CSS but it does depend on the template you are using though. 99.9% of wordpress templates will obey this css variable and will hide the […]