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Excel VBA – ActiveSheet.PrintOut Multiple Copies

I recently wrote a simply invoicing system in Excel. One of the functions in my Excel VBA Macro code is to printout the Active Worksheet before saving the file and then reopening the invoicing template. One issue I ran into this morning was my office lady asking me can I set it to print 2 […]

Force corrupted RAR archive to extract using Winrar

Sometimes you may download a multi part .rar archive from the internet and find that one of the archive parts is damaged. Normally trying to extract this gives you a very annoying “archive is damaged” 🙁 message and this can be most frustrating. In the case of an archive containing something like an AVI file […]

DNS Command Line Cheat Sheet for Windows 2008 Server (dnscmd)

For those administering a windows DNS server on Windows 2008, doing the simplest things can often be very tedious using Microsoft’s DNS console. Microsoft has done very little in 10 years to improve the console but there’s some great command line utils included in Server 2008 that make certain admin routines a breeze.   Function […]