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Apple is taking After Microsoft – GUI Tools Just Plain SUCK

osx finder sucks

There is a reason I stopped using Microsoft Windows years ago and moved to Apple OSX and a number of other Linux based operating systems. The simplest of things in Windows became so utterly complicated and ridiculously slow that it made Windows unusable even to this day. Apple for a long time took away all […]

Automate Memory Purge on OSX El Capitan with Cron

Automate Memory Purge on OSX El Capitan with Cron

Many Mac users may not know about the purge command built into OSX. It’s been there for years as a system utility hiding in the operating system which allows you to clear your cached memory and keep your Mac running smooth and fast. Unfortunately like with many Linux based operating systems, Mac is no different […]

Xerox Workcenter 3045NI Driver for OSX Yosemite

Xerox Workcenter 3045NI Driver for OSX Yosemite Many OSX Yosemite users who own a Xerox WorkCenter 3045 Laser Printer might get quite a shock when they switch to the new OSX and then go to Xerox’s driver and downloads web site only to see this nasty message. But there actually is a Xerox Workcenter 3045NI […]

File to Folder Bash Script for Linux or OSX – Movie Sorting / Scraping

Here’s a handy little bash script for sorting a folder on your hard drive that contains multiple movies or files of any type for that matter. What this script does is move each file into a sub-folder with the name. This will work on any Unix / Linux or Mac OS X environment. I wrote […]

Download OS X Mountain Lion Galaxy Desktop Wallpaper

OSX Mountain Lion

Apple is already forging ahead with a new version of their Operating System OS X, having released a preview build of OS X Mountain Lion to developers. This has already met with much criticism in their support communities because a lot of issues, bugs and annoyances in OS X Lion have not been addressed in […]

Replace Apple Mail (OSX)

Since I switched to MAC about 18 months ago, after being a hardened Windows user for my entire life, one of the biggest annoyances for me personally was Apple’s Mail app which is great for the average user but not for most advanced users.  Having come from Windows I was so fixated on Microsoft Outlook […]