Fix Looping “Force Restart” Application on Android / Huawei Ideos / Fake Iphone5 Launcher

I installed the Fake Iphone 5 Launcher app from the Google Play store onto my Huawei Ideos X5 (U8800) which caused a major problem when it started continually crashing. No device reboots would clear the problem and the app was stuck in a “Force Restart” loop which literally prevented me getting to any other apps or system settings on the device.

After an hour or more of googling and running into nothing but a bunch of solutions recommending me to reset the device and lose all data I figured out a way to get back into the Play Store on the device and then was able to uninstall the application.

To achieve this I got the link to the application from the Google Play Store using a normal browser on another phone. I then copied the link and then text messaged / SMS’d the link to the Huawei X5 which was stuck in it’s “Force Restart” loop. The Huawei was still able to receive SMS / Text Messages which appeared in the notification drop down screen.

I then simply opened the text message I had sent to the Huawei X5, clicked on the link which took me directly to the app in Google Play Store and lo and behold there was the uninstall button for the Fake IPhone 5 Launcher available for me to click. One click and the application was gone and the device back to normal operation.

It goes to show there is often much better solutions to solving problems other than the run of the mill advice from the mass community of “experts” telling you to reset your device and lose all data. It just takes a “little” bit of thinking.

Hope this helps you the next time your device gets stuck in one of these “Force Restart” loops.

One thought on “Fix Looping “Force Restart” Application on Android / Huawei Ideos / Fake Iphone5 Launcher

  1. Vishwa Hirushan says:

    I have the same problem in my Iphone 05 Clone, (Replica) It shows “The application Launcher(process com.mogoo.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again, Force Close,
    It doesn’t even let me to check notifications as well.
    Please help me to solve this thing out! No matter even if I loss my data & apps installed..

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