iPhone 4s (9A405/9A406) – No/Invalid SIM / No Service – Vodacom SA

iphone 4s 9A405 9A406 Sim BugThere appears to be a known bug with the iPhone 4s on networks around the world.

The bug has to do with the way the phone software/firmware reads the Micro-Sim and occasionally you may find your iPhone 4s saying No SIM or Invalid SIM or No Service. Often when it displays No Service the only way to get back onto the network is to reboot the iPhone.

This seems to apply to the iOS 5.0.1 (Firmware 9A405). Vodacom South Africa confirmed this bug and requested I upgrade to the latest firmware (9A406). To do that is quite easy, even for novices. Simply connect your iPhone into Itunes, perform a back up, then click the Restore Button which downloads the latest 9A406 firmware to your device. Thereafter you can simply restore your apps and settings from iCloud or from the backup stored locally on your Mac.

UPDATE: A warning to South African users. This firmware update is 849 Mb in size yet Apple does not warn the user that this is how much you are about to download in order to update your iPhone 4s. So please be aware of this, considering our overly inflated bandwidth costs in SA.

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  1. Hey there tried the reboot of my phone, got a new micro sim today. I put this in the iphone and i keep getting the error telling me that NO SIM. tried everything what next. My sim is with Vodacom

  2. Hi Nathan

    Sounds like your iPhone may be faulty or even the new micro sim, it would be best to take it in to a Vodacom Customer Care centre and have them explain why your new micro sim is not being detected by the phone.

    Did you try reset network settings? Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings ??

    Let us know if you manage to get this resolved.

  3. Guys pls anyone can help me. i am strugling on my iphone, no sim/sim failed to register. my network is vodacom

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